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How a Product Manager Quit His Job to Build a $2 Million SaaS Business – with Bruno Didier [140]
Bruno Didier is the founder and CEO of Y-Combinator startup Trackin. The company provides a software solution to help restaurants[...]
How Design Pickle Bootstrapped Its Way to $2 Million Revenue – with Russ Perry [139]
Russ Perry is the founder of Design Pickle, a productized service that offers unlimited graphic design support for your day-to-day[...]
How Prospectify Went from Zero to $20,000 MRR in 9 Months – with Matt Ekstrom [138]
Matt Ekstrom is the co-founder of Prospectify, a B2B prospecting platform that helps you to automate your lead generation process.[...]
How Co-Founder Conflict Helped This Founder Launch InnerTrends – with Claudiu Murariu [137]
Claudiu Murariu is the founder and CEO of InnerTrends, a growth analytics platform for SaaS and web products. InnerTrends uses[...]
How to Implement a Successful SaaS Business Model – with Antonio Carlos Soares [136]
Antonio Carlos Soares is the co-founder and CEO of, a SaaS product that helps teams to manage tasks, projects,[...]
3 Growth Lessons to Get Your First 5000 Customers – with Stuart McKeown [135]
Stuart McKeown is the co-founder of Gleam, a growth platform that helps businesses to drive more engagement with customers. Gleam[...]

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Omer Khan
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Omer Khan is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach & podcast host. He is the founder of ConversionAid. He helps entrepreneurs and companies to build, launch and grow great SaaS products and businesses.

"Thanks for checking out my SaaS podcast. I spent over 20 years working for companies such as Microsoft and Walt Disney. I launched ConversionAid in 2015 and since then I've interviewed over 150 SaaS founders and entrepreneurs. And I want to share everything I've learned (and am learning) with you. Just click the button below to get started!"

- Omer Khan